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Extract from the RTA Web site

All parties in the road transport supply chain are responsible for preventing a breach of road transport laws. This is called the chain of responsibility. It recognises the effects of the actions, inactions and demands of off-the-road parties in the transport chain. All parties in the supply chain – consignor/dispatcher, packer, loader, consignee/receiver, manager, as well as the driver and operator – must take positive steps to prevent a breach of the road transport mass, dimension and loading and driving hours laws.

Roles and responsibilities

The different positions in the chain of responsibility are outlined below.


Dispatches goods for delivery. Must make sure that your delivery request doesn’t require a truck driver to:

  • Transport goods that go beyond vehicle dimension or mass limits.
  • Inappropriately secure the load.
  • Exceed the permitted number of driving hours.
  • Fail to have minimum rest periods.
  • Exceed the speed limits.


Orders and/or accepts the goods being delivered. Has the same responsibilities as the consignor/dispatcher plus:

  • Must not knowingly encourage or reward a breach of the mass, dimension, load restraint or driving hours laws.


Loads goods onto the vehicle. Must make sure the vehicle’s load:

  • Doesn’t exceed the dimension or mass limits.
  • Cannot become unstable, move or fall off the vehicle.


Packs goods to be loaded onto the vehicle. Must make sure that when goods are packed:

  • Documentation of the load is accurate, not false or misleading.
  • Any goods packed in freight containers don’t exceed the container’s gross weight or safety approval rating.

Heavy vehicle driver
Transports the load to its destination. Must maintain current obligations to make sure:

  • The vehicle does not exceed dimension or mass limits.
  • The load is appropriately restrained.
  • All required equipment is properly fitted to the vehicle.
  • Required rest breaks are taken and driving hours regulations and speed limits are observed.
  • Safe and responsible driving behaviour is demonstrated at all times.


Operates and/or manages the business dispatching the goods. Is responsible for making sure that:

  • Rosters do not require truck drivers to exceed the permitted number of driving hours.
  • Accurate records are kept of drivers’ activities, including driving, work and rest times.
  • Vehicle speed limiters are functioning.
  • Loads do not exceed dimension or mass limits and are properly restrained using appropriate restraint equipment.

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